Another Life Claimed By Gambling Addiction


September 7, 2005 the authorities were called to a house in little country city because a girl has been found dead. The initial reports demonstrated she had been murdered. After a brief evaluation they understood she’d taken her own life. It was a miserable day for your family members and friends Fun888.

The family left the decision to not disclose why she needed her life except to recall her for the great person she was. A friend of the family phoned me to discuss what was happening. She explained she committed suicide since she’d mounting debt, a union which was crumbling and couldn’t endure her self destructive behaviour. All 3 associated with her gambling addiction. I was amazed to hear that nobody will ever be told the fact that gambling dependency has been the reason she took her lifestyle. The papers two days afterwards published a short article on among those rear pages saying it wasn’t a murder but a suicide.

People today take their own lives for a lot of reasons. Statistics have proven that a individual who has a gambling habit takes their lifetime twice as far as any other dependency. I think the numbers are even greater. As in this case there’s not any documented documentation that this individual ever had a gambling habit. I talked to some people and nobody ever knew she’d like to bet. They treated her dependence as though she had a frequent cold. They thought eventually it would go off.

It is now evident that the family and friends of compulsive gamblers will need to have an active part and assist their nearest and dearest.

There are several great businesses online which may help individuals deal with their relative or friend that has a gambling addiction.

Death is a tricky subject to confront. I hope more people take the opportunity to assist their family over develop their dependence instead of keeping it hidden from the rest of the planet as

view their loved one gradually deteriorate.

You will find excellent self help books and informational sites which could set you in the ideal direction. A little bit of effort and time could have excellent results.

Gamblers Anonymous also helps a substantial number of individuals annually but there is a large percentage that they’re not able to reach.



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